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This is the top British specialist triathlon brand with a worldwide reputation, partly derived from their attention to detail which is a result of the large amount of feedback from swimmers during their open water and club demo sessions. Zone 3 have received several top awards and ratings in the press for their wetsuits. The range is relatively small, but very carefully targeted to each level of triathlete. You can nevertheless find some great deals and discounts on last years designs, as there are constant tweaks and improvements in each new year's garments.

There are 17 discounted wetsuits here from Zone3 and the largest saving is £120.75 for the Women's Swim-Run Evolution Wetsuit Wetsuits available from Wiggle. The largest percentage discount is 35% for the Women's Swim-Run Evolution Wetsuit Wetsuits available from Wiggle. You'll find a range from the Zone3 Neoprene Swimming Gloves Wetsuits at £20.00 saving around £5.0, all the way up to the Men's Vanquish Wetsuit Wetsuits at £396.00, saving £99.0.

Zone3 Victory Wetsuits Show offers and discounts

We haven't found any of these wetsuits in deals at the moment, but if you're not set on buying this particular one, you can still view all the other discounts using the link above or the left hand menu.

This range of Zone 3 wetsuits uses the very latest neoprene technology in the form of 40 and 45 cell fabrics, to give ultimate flexibility with minimum weight, in the top performance price bracket. These are used in a variety of panel thicknesses over the entire body to aid performance, with the key maximum movement areas using 1.5 or 2mm and the chest using 5mm thickness to deliver support for the upper legs and core.

Aerodome panels in 5mm thickness are also used in the Zone 3 Victory around the hips to position the swimmer high in the water and minimise back strain over longer distances. The inner jersey is designed to have high performance thermal properties to maintain the best circulation in the legs; this is achieved by the use of a titanium lining.

Zone3 Vanquish Wetsuits Show offers and discounts

There are 2 Vanquish wetsuits available at discount prices, including the Zone3 Vanquish Wetsuit 2016 for £427.49 and the Zone3 Vanquish Wetsuit 2016 for £427.49..

Chain Reaction Cycles and Wiggle have discounts on these wetsuits and various deals available.

The biggest percentage saving is 10% on the Zone3 Men's Vanquish Wetsuit Wetsuits, giving a saving of £47.50 and on sale at Wiggle

In terms of the level of performance for the price, the Zone 3 Vanquish has been one of the most highly rated and popular wetsuits for some years, often featuring in 4 and 5 star reviews. One of its key features is a one-piece shoulder panel, designed for maximum flexibility right across from one elbow to the other. On the chest and thighs this suit uses a neoprene with 30% more buoyancy, delivered by sandwiched air bubbles in the fabric; this helps your ability to see the course ahead and also supports core leg muscles.

On the forearms a special fabric (Aeroforce) is used to improve the ability to feel the swimming position in the water; this is achieved by using double layer lycra, instead of neoprene, thereby also reducing buoyancy where it would otherwise be a hinderance.

Zone3 Aspire Wetsuits Show offers and discounts

Overall there are 3 discounted Aspire wetsuits on offer at various sale prices, including the Zone3 Women's Aspire Wetsuit Wetsuits for £269.09 and the Zone3 Aspire Women's Wetsuit Wetsuits for £269.9..

Chain Reaction Cycles and Wiggle are featuring deals and offers on these wetsuits.

The biggest percentage saving is 39% on the Zone3 Aspire Wetsuit 2016, giving a saving of £117.51 and on sale at Chain Reaction Cycles

This is one of the best selling wetsuits from Zone 3 at a mid-price point, which combines a good balance of buoyancy, comfort, flexibility around the shoulders and easy construction when it comes to transitions. SCS coated neoprene is used throughout the Aspire suit and this provides extremely low drag on the swimmer from the water. The shoulder area is also designed with some spring loading to help with a faster stroke and the maximum of 5mm thickness neoprene is used in selective areas from the chest to the knees to give critical core support.

Zone3 Advance Wetsuits Show offers and discounts

At the moment you can find 3 offers on Advance wetsuits, ranging from the Zone3 Advance Wetsuit Wetsuits for £143.1 to the Zone3 Advance Wetsuit 2016 for £142.99..

Chain Reaction Cycles and Wiggle are featuring them in their website sales.

The biggest percentage saving is 26% on the Zone3 Advance Womens Wetsuit 2015, giving a saving of £42.01 and on sale at Chain Reaction Cycles

This is an entry level suit for new open water swimmers and triathletes, but designed with few compromises in the key performance areas. To minimise water drag, over 60% of the wetsuit uses SpeedFlo fabric with the rest constructed from smooth neoprene. Thicknesses range through 2mm for the shoulder and arms, 3mm for the chest and back, with 4mm on the legs and torso and the Advance is equipped with aids for quick removal such as the downwards zipper and silicone coated lower leg cuffs.