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Welcome to our site where we track down, organise and list the best deals and prices on wetsuits that we can find, from some of the top surfing, swin and triathlon retailers. You'll find a regular supply of discounts from all the top manufacturers, on last years or last seasons wetsuits and sometimes, if you're lucky, special offers on this year's new designs.

Top discounts

The largest saving on surfing wetsuits is £0.99 for the Triathlon Wetsuits info wetsuit at Wetsuit Outlet, which is a 99% discount and the largest percentage discount is 99% for the Triathlon Wetsuits info wetsuit at Wetsuit Outlet, giving a �1 saving.

The largest saving on triathlon wetsuits is £205.09 for the Speedo Tri Comp Wetsuit V2 wetsuit at Chain Reaction Cycles, which is a 85% discount and the largest percentage discount is 85% for the Speedo Tri Comp Wetsuit V2 wetsuit at Chain Reaction Cycles, giving a �205 saving.


Today there are 950 wetsuit deals listed.

The count for each brand is as follows:

  • 2XU - wetsuits
  • Billabong - 152 wetsuits
  • Blueseventy - 9 wetsuits
  • ONeill - 132 wetsuits
  • Orca - 17 wetsuits
  • Quiksilver - 10 wetsuits
  • RipCurl - 158 wetsuits
  • Speedo - 12 wetsuits
  • TYR - 8 wetsuits
  • Xcel - 34 wetsuits
  • Zone3 - 16 wetsuits
  • Zoot - 10 wetsuits

Here are the best discount prices for each brand:

  • 2XU.. , saving %; from
  • Billabong.. Billabong Foil 2/2 Fl Jacket S/ S 2012 Blk/Aple/Wh, saving 60%; from Shore
  • Blueseventy.. blueseventy Womens Reaction Wetsuit 2015, saving 46%; from Chain Reaction Cycles
  • ONeill.. Oneill Hammer Spring 2mm 2013 Blk/Red/Wht, saving 49%; from Shore
  • Orca.. Orca Men's Orca PREDATOR FULL SLEeve wetsuit, No Colour/No Colour, saving 50%; from Millet Sports
  • Quiksilver.. Quiksilver Cell 2/2mm Short Sleeve Windsurf Steamer CL55A BLACK/GREEN, saving 70%; from Wetsuit Outlet
  • RipCurl.. Rip Curl Womens 4/3mm Flashbomb Chest Zip Wetsuit FATIGUE WSM4fG, saving 50%; from Wetsuit Outlet
  • Speedo.. Speedo Tri Comp Wetsuit V2, saving 85%; from Chain Reaction Cycles
  • TYR.. TYR Women's Hurricane C3 Wetsuit Wetsuits, saving 40%; from Wiggle
  • Xcel.. Xcel Womens Infniti 3/2mm TDC 2017 Chest Zip Wetsuit - Graphite / Blue, saving 50%; from Surfdome
  • Zone3.. Zone3 Aspire Wetsuit 2016, saving 39%; from Chain Reaction Cycles
  • Zoot.. Zoot Women's Zoot Z Force 1.0 Wetsuit - Black/Pink/Black/Pink, Black/Pink/Black/Pink, saving 50%; from Millet Sports

The best time to look for wetsuit deals and discounts

You can find deals and discounts on wetsuits throughout the year, but the best time to look depends on what sport you are interested in. Surfing takes place all year long in one form or another, so the best tactic is probably to look for spring and summer wetsuits in winter and to look for winter wetsuits in summer.

That way you'll benefit from the clearance sales of last seasons wetsuits, whether they are the thicker, warmer models or the short suits that are used in warmer waters.

On the other hand triathlons usually have a definite peak season around summer, so if you are looking for a deal on a discount trisuit, autumn or winter is probably the best time, as the retailers make way for new stock by having extensive wetsuit sales.